Concordia Lutheran Church

Thursday Services Begin June 5, 2014 - 7:00 p.m.

Welcome to Concordia Lutheran Church

CLC News
  • Thursday 28
    7:00 Worship  
  • Friday 29

  • Saturday 30
    8:00-8:45 Wholy Fit
  • Sunday 31
    9:30 Worship 
  • Monday 1
    Labor Day 
    Church Office Closed
  • Tuesday 2
    Pre School Starts
    5:15-6:00 Wholy Fit 
    6:15 Board of Education
    7:00 Elders 
  • Wednesday 3
    9:30 Bible Study
    6:30 Confirmation Parent Meeting 
  • Thursday 4
    10:00 Missions Meeting
  • Friday 5
    Bulletin Assembly by Judy Oehlerich, Sue Cutter & Lisa Schmidt 
  • Saturday 6
    8:00-8:45 Wholy Fit
  • Sunday 7
    Education Sunday
    8:00 & 10:30 Worship with Holy Communion
    Backpack Blessing
    9:15 Education Hour 

We are your friends and neighbors. We work with you, shop with you, live down the street. We aren't stuffy or uppity because we know that we are all sinners in God's sight. With sincere hearts, we bring our sins before God, confessing them, and for Jesus sake we receive forgiveness from God. As Forgiven Sinners we come together to worship our Lord in celebration for who He has made us.


Our Mission Statement

Empowered by Christ's forgiveness, we worship Him, praise Him, and study His word. We nurture community members, and serve mission fields.

Thank You from "Shoes that Fit"